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Would you like to download many classical titles of French literature in their original shape, legally and for free?
The French National Library has a very good website. Check Gallica - go to “Recherche” and type “Baudelaire” or “Balzac” for instance…

Are you more interested in books on history, politics and social sciences?
From Quebec, the Classiques des sciences sociales is the largest collection of books available online with more than 1,000 authors (Durkheim, Marx, Tocqueville) in French. A must-see! It even has a nice collection of books on India translated in French.

Are you looking for a good dictionary to help you with translations?
The dictionary from TV5, the world-wide French-speaking channel is very nicely featured and user-friendly.



If you are interested in research and seminars going on in France and in the world about literature:
The Fabula website is a reference about research in literature. Check it out.

If you are looking for a good list of “figures de style”…:
Among many, you can check this one.

Try this little quiz on French everyday words, if you are bored. It is fun, and you might even learn a couple of useful things!
Try this!


Cultural events in France

What’s going on in culture?
France is supposed to be famous for its cultural events. Everything you could think about, from latest film releases to classical quotations can be found on the hip and chic website of EVENE.

What’s going on in the cinemas?
Have a look at this website if you would like to keep in touch with the current films in France. Try looking up for older movies as well in their database for interesting facts.


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