European Responses to the 1857 Rebellion in India

The Department has taken on a research project with the support of the Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR) on responses to the 1857 Rebellion in the non-English-speaking European continent. Though the response was evidently significant, as is manifested in a considerable body of material, it has drawn little scholarly attention so far. The objective of the project is to make available as much as possible of this material. A conference was held in October 2007 and the first collection of essays has been published (click here for details). Selected material in various European languages other than English will be translated and published separately. Bibliographies of material in each of the languages are being prepared and updated as new material is found. Press reports, books, articles, and PhD dissertations are being collected for the project and put together as a Special Collection in the Library.

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European Responses to the 1857 Rebellion in India

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