Tanya Roy

Associate Professor, Italian

Official address:
Department of Germanic and Romance Studies
University of Delhi
Delhi - 110007

Office: Room No. 42, Arts Faculty Building
Phone: 27666426
E-mail: armonia941@gmail.com

Tanya Roy

Ph.D.in Linguistica Applicata, University of Turin, 2006
Laurea in Lettere Moderne, University of Pisa, 2000

Research interests
I am interested in collecting Learner Corpora and in then working on corpus based and corpus driven analyses. The results can be used to modify and elaborate syllabi, teaching materials and evaluation procedures for the specific group of learners from whom the corpora were collected, or for similar groups.
I am interested in considering possibilities of use of various types of corpora by foreign language learners.
All this and other means such as task based learning, project work, different kinds of evaluation… have the aim of rendering language teaching and learning more effective, stimulating and permanent.

Selected Publications

Books / Monographs
  • Verso un B.A. Honours in italiano per studenti indiani. Proposte a partire da DelhiVALICO, corpus di apprendenti universitari, PhD thesis online at www.tesionline.it, 2006
  • L'apprendimento dell'italiano da parte di discenti indiani a Delhi: analisi di un corpus di lingua scritta e parlata con particolare riferimento ad "anche". Laurea thesis on line at www.tesionline.it, 2006


  • "Learning a foreign language in India: A case study of Italian", in Hispanic Studies 2000, School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 19, pp. 71-83, 2000


  • Subtitles of film Aranyer din ratri (Satyajit Ray, 1969) from Bangla to Italian for Ombre elettriche, Rome, Italy, November 2006

Conference Presentations

  • "Corpora in Teaching Italian at Delhi University". in the ACIS Fourth Biennial Conference, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia 10-13 July 2007.
  • "Notes on Evaluation at Delhi University", in Teacher Training for Foreign Languages in India, a workshop organized by the Department of Germanic and Romance Studies, Delhi University. September 2005
  • "A Unit of Exercises" in Elaborating Didactic Material for Foreign Language Learners in India, a workshop organized by The Centre of German Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, August 2004
  • "Creativity and Materials Production" in Foreign Language Teaching in India, a workshop organized by the Department of Germanic and Romance Studies, Delhi University, August 2004
  • Attended the International Symposium on Learner Corpora in Asia at Showa Women's University, Tokyo and the PC workshop of the International Symposium on Learner Corpora in Asia conducted by Michael Barlow, March 2004
  • "Teaching Italian in Delhi" in the Postgraduate Annual Seminar on Italian Studies, University College, London, May 2000
  • "A Learner Corpus from Syllabus Modification to Evaluation" at the International Seminar on Corpus Linguistics in Honour of John Sinclair: Corpus Linguistics for Language Teaching Programme, Granada, Spain; 22-24 September 2008


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